Trying to run two 100W Co2 lasers at the same time

Trying to run two 100W Co2 lasers at the same time. Both lasers are from HL-Yeah and both are running Ruida controllers. So, my older blue laser is sent a job and then I turn on the new red laser. The red laser says the job cannot be sent because the laser is busy or running. I was told to press ESC on the controller to fix this and that’s not my case. When I do this, I open a secondary LB and make sure I’m connected to the red laser.

Now, if I start the red laser first and send a job the red laser will work. By this I mean the red laser is the only machine turned on. Then I turn the blue laser on and I can also send a job to the laser with no issue.

What in the world is going on?

Are these connected via usb or Ethernet?

I think multiple machines work well over Ethernet.


This is what I just learned. I was running the blue and that just finished the job. Both machines are turned on but not running a job at this point. I now switch to the other LB which is linked to the red laser. I send the red laser the job and it sent it to the blue laser. So I’m finding LB is thinking both lasers are one of the same even though I set them up prob 1 year apart from one another and unplugged the blue laser when I setup the red.

When I setup the red laser I unplugged the blue laser completely during setup. Some how LB is getting confused.

This is how I have it setup. I have a 5 USB hub. This hub has the red laser, blue laser, fiber dongle, and thumb drive.

I think there’s an issue running through the hub then through two USB.

Do you have the ability to try Ethernet connections instead.?


Is the USB hub a powered hub? Just curious/

[quote=“thesmithsdesignco, post:6, topic:101676”]

I just ordered one to try that instead for the second machine

No, just a straight up plug into laptop hub

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