Trying to understand the line intervals


This is the first time I’ve joined a forum and is my first laser. I was playing with Creative Space when I first opened the D1 up and was getting good lines, it wasn’t engraving cups correctly though so I figured maybe with the files LightBurn would help. I’ve tried changing the power, speed and file types but I cannot for the life of me figure out how get the lines right. Can someone tell me if the lines are too tight or too wide?

I’d say your dpi is too low and the lines are caused by the remaining coating on the mug…

It is critical that you understand how the dpi/lpi relates to your laser and the material you are trying to use.

Laser Everything has a video on photo engraving, but it is one of the best videos that explains how to get the optimum dpi/lpi setting for any laser and any material.

I’d advise you to watch it. It will greatly assist your experience with lasers.

Good luck



It is really hard to say from just a pic, but with my very limited experience I’d say too tight = the DPI is too high.
Causing uneven look due to overlapping lines.

Given the the rather finicky nature of our hobby (diode) lasers, it’s just as possible that the DPI is too low (as @jkwilborn suggests), focus is not spot on, focus doesn’t remain constant, the coating (powdercoat?) thickness is uneven, the coating melts/burns instead of vaporizing, etc, etc.
The amount of variables do require extensive tests on every new material (/coating) to get it exactly right.
Just the “interval test” alone will tell a lot about to what to expect.

That is a GREAT video, and well worth watching.
Very well made, I didn’t find it dry at all.
IMO a perfect combination of theory and practise to understand the fundamentals.
Being an older fart, I also just love that the narrator suggests to have a pen and paper ready to take notes :slight_smile:.
How very un-IT-agelike of him :grinning:.


In my situation i did this.
I have an atomstack a5 pro with has a fixed focus spot laser of 0.23mm squared or 0.23mm for now lol.
Having setup lightburn for it (still playing with material settings from lousiana hobby guy`s site) i saw this line interval setting which is set at 0.1mm which gives a line per inch of 254(laser spot would manage to get 254 lines in 1 inch etc).
So to simplify 25.4 (1 inch) divided by 0.1 gives 254 lines per inch…which is wrong for me as my laser spot is bigger so lots of overlap???
Sooooo for me its 25.4 divided by 0.23 (my spot size) gives me 110.43
Some one correct if need but what i see is my laser is bigger so lines thicker so less time to fill area??? but resolution is worse or its thats small anyways i wont notice lol…but the maths works lol

Compared to?

I have no idea what the maximum speed for your machines is… I’ve seen a number of test cards with 2400mm/m as maximum… don’t know what reality is. That’s about 40mm/s… I usually run almost 10x that speed on the co2, much quicker with the fiber…

It’s all relative… :rofl:

The bottom line is how well it works for your application… and, most importantly that you are having fun and enjoying yourself…


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