Trying to update on Mac

I keep trying to update lightburn on mac but it will not work. it says i have 128 days left on my license.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. We are going to need a clearer explanation for what you mean by “it will not work.”. Can you please rephrase and provide the steps you have taken and the results? Use as much detail as you can to help us help you.

when i download the update move it to Application folder and when i open the application click on update it still tells me that there is a new version (0.9.4) is available .

What version of LightBurn are you currently running? We released version 0.9.03 June 07 and followed on shortly with the release of version 0.9.04 June 11, so could this be the issue?

Did you try to do the update again? What happens? With my Mac, when I try to copy a file over an existing one, I get a warning asking if I want to copy over or make an additional copy. Could you have mistakenly selected ‘make another copy’ (that would rename the new file and append a number to it) yet are still running the old copy?

I was on 0.9.00 and updated today. When i check about now it says i have “LightBurn Beta 0.9.04” is this correct? It also still wants me to update for some reason

Ok, thank you for the explanation. 9.04 is the current version as of this post.

Just ran a test here and can reproduce this issue. A bug report will be generated.

For what it’s worth, I updated to 9.04 on my PC yesterday and just checked. It’s doing the same thing on my PC as well so it’s not just related to Macs.

I changed the update code recently to handle telling you if the update is newer than the expiry date on your license. I’ll check the flow again, as I’ve likely messed that up.

Edit: Bloody hell - I temporarily disabled the “is your version older” check so I could test the license date comparison stuff, and forgot to re-enable the other bit. Easily fixed, sorry for the confusion.

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