Tube mounts and mirror 1

Ok so I’ve been upgrading parts. Today I installed the new mounts. Went in fairly easy with the exception of drilling a few holes. Love the mounts. They are cloudrag adjustable mounts. Now I have to figure out how to raise mirror 1 to line up with the mounts. The new mounts are slightly larger than the factory ones. Any suggestions ? I’m not opposed to buying a new mirror set up as I’ve basically upgraded everything else.

Cut a shim to put under the first mirror. You can see there is already a clear acrylic one there. Add or replace to give the right thickness.

You know after I wrote all that I thought the exact same thing :rofl::rofl: we have plenty of acrylic laying around too. Thank you sir.

Seems it is creating issues from M1 to M2 & I assume will be the same for M3. Wondering if I should raise M2 up as well as M3

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