Turn on beam at low power to locate objects before running program?

Sorry for asking what probably is a “duh” type question, I seem to recall reading about this somewhere but I cannot find it.
(ORM3 diode laser)
I want to have the laser turn on at minimum power to show me the exact spot the origin is set to while I position my project in the workspace.

Usually I set up in the center of the work space (coord x200, y200) and use that point as my origin. I’ll do a manual move to that coordinate then position my workpiece under the unpowered laser. This is close but I’ll need more exact alignment for some workpieces. I already have a grid on my work surface for rotational alignment.

What I want to know is there a way to turn on the beam when the system is sitting idle at my origin so I can use the laser spot to align my object. Obviously at minimum power so I don’t burn anything during the few seconds it takes me to set up. Basically a beam on/off button.

I could write a simple program, but I seem to remember there was an easier way.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Enable “Enable laser fire button” in Device Settings. Optionally enable “Laser on when framing”
  2. In Move window, set Fire button power to adequately low level
  3. Push Fire button to turn on laser.

Bingo! That’s what I remembered.

Thanks berainlb

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