Turn on laser to adjust to pinpoint

Is there any way to turn on the laser, at low power such as when using the frame function so that I can raise/lower the laser until I get the pinpoint I am looking for? If I use the metal barrel that my Outer LM2 came with to adjust it, the laser is hitting the wood like a ‘-’ (a wide line instead of a pinpoint) and cannot even get close to intricate. Even making a box around something, it makes the sides wider than the top and bottom. Any ideas?


Try doing a ramp test to find your optimal focus. Here is a video explaining the process.

Thank you, I saw that but figured it only did a momentary ‘fire’ of the laser. I see I was wrong.
Much appreciated!

But to find your best focus you need to do a ramp test as @thelmuth suggested.

Thanks, will be trying this soon

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