💥 Turning a scratch or damaged powder coated product into a selling feature using your laser

Here is some inspiration that might help someone in turning a damaged powder coated bottle into a an awesome product to be sold.

Cheers :beers:



I just love these sounds. Oh, and the final looks pretty dang good, Sas! :slight_smile:


I’ll second that!!! That was awesome thanks for sharing :grinning:

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Watching that process amazes me. Thanks for sharing. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the diode and C02 processes. Eventually I’ll get into the galvo world

I have to ask a professional psychologist one day how it is that we grown men love to see and hear this type of process. Fire, laser, lathe/milling machines in action… it must be some primal instinct in us, or just hypnosis?

The climax must be watching a BBQ video where a large steak is grilled and decorated with a laser machine, the dessert is then a small clip from a Whyski distillery that uses lasers to decorate their whiskey casks :rofl: