Turning off Text Headers in the Material Test Generator

Is there away to turn off the Text Headers in the Material Test Generator? I like to test engrave/cut in a waste section of the material I am working with. To do this, I cannot use the Material Test Generator because the Test Headers takes up to much space. I really don’t need this, either, it as I’ll be testing just one speed and two or three powers.

You could probably stop it from actually lasing, by turning down the power. Unfortunately, it’s not going to solve the area issue.

I know of no way to modify the headings to give you more room.

There is a power/speed lightburn compatible site that generates nice test patterns. You could load these into lightburn, it produces lightburn compatible files. It might even have the ability to remove the headers.

Lightburn PowerScale Generator - O2 Creative

The site appeared to be down when I posted the link…

Good luck


Why not just draw 2 or 3 squares, put them on desperate layers and set your speed and power?

That is what I have been doing. The Material Test Generator takes less time to set up, unfortunately, it wasn’t intended for running quick, simple test. Printing the Header Text takes up too much room and time for what I’m wanting it to do.

I thought as much. Thanks for the quick reply.

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