Two designs filling twice

I am making an Arrow of Light award 23" x 7.0" for Cub Scouts moving up. The Arrow and Light symbols are set to fill, 300 speed, 50 max power and 12.50 min power. The line interval is 0.1000 with 1 pass. The preview shows these two shapes filling 2 times each for a total time of 1:35:01. If I could get it to fill one time, I am sure the time would also go down. What am I doing wrong? The other items I am filling only do it once.

Are the shapes filling twice on different layers than the shapes that fill once?
Check the number of passes for that layer. That’s a double check as you already mentioned the number of passes.
If that checks OK;
Check if there is a sub-layer enabled.
If a sub layer is enabled, your cut mode will be ‘Multi’ rather than ‘Fill’.
Delete the sub-layer and re-check time

Good idea to drop the .lbrn2 file on your reply window and it will upload… Then we can examine it…

Sounds like you have a duplicate.


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