Two finger trackpad panning?

On a Macbook Pro how does one use the trackpad to pan and zoom? The GUI standard is for two fingers to pan, and using a finger pinch to zoom or pull out.

Unfortunately those don’t seem to work with LightBurn, and I’ve tried everything, including searching through the manual and forums to see what does work.

So, what’s the secret :slight_smile: I don’t mind adapting to however Lightburn wants to implement these basic features if only I knew what was intended.


Two finger slide up / down is zoom. I don’t recall if I have a pan gesture, but space + click-drag will do it. It really was made to use a mouse, where middle-click is the pan control.

I’ve looked into adding gesture support for the trackpad but I wasn’t able to get it to behave properly, and it interacted badly with some of the controls, so I’ll have to revisit again.


Thanks for the info! With multi-platform dev its near impossible to support native GUI gestures everywhere.

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