Two issues with speed and origin engraving


Our company received the 34*25 100w CO2 Laser from OmTechLaser last Friday. We have a big project to start next week that requires laser engraving. Anyway after watching videos and googling things I have messed up the speed and origin. Anyway to fix it as it doesn’t go all the way to where the artwork was before and moves extremely slow even if I speed it up. The reason for more tinkering is because doing 12 acrylics on basic settings took 2 hours and I have over 3k pieces and found other people using Lightburn at fast semi accurate speeds and wanted to achieve that by messing with the controller but now I’m stuck…please help with current issue and also how to speed it up.properly. 12 pieces on our old 60 w epilog was only 22 minutes. We want to somehow replicate the same process with the new machine and I’m having difficulty. Please assist

If you do not have a backup of the controller settings, prior to the made changes, I would suggest reaching out to OMTech as they set the system up initially and should have the correct configuration for that controller and system.

Once you have restored the correct settings, and the laser is performing as expected, share more about this job. What are you trying to produce, what types of art (vector, bitmap raster, combination of both) what layer settings, and what result you’d like, and what did you actually get after running that 2 hr job? Offer the details, and we may be able to offer some refinement suggestions. :slight_smile:

It came with a USB drive so I’m not sure how to check. Wouldn’t deleting the pref files do it? On the epilog I do 300 dpi at 100% speed and 72 power with it being at 59 watts. We are trying to accomplish ethching artwork. Normally we use Corel or adobe as the artwork is saved as a PDF and the laser directly is seen as a printer and does 12 acrylics at those settings within Under 25 minutes. Straight Easter but it doesn’t transfer the same way in light burn. What I have to do is image trace the pdf and use fill but it still takes two hours before I tinkered on the controller settings so now I need help

The settings for the Ruida controller will need to be obtained directly from OMTech. Contact them to get the settings sorted.

You mention an Epilog and are comparing its performance to that of this OMTech. They are completely different systems with entirely different capabilities. You will never achieve the level of performance of the Epilog, as these are very different machines. I think your expectations need calibration.

As for working with PDF files in LightBurn, why are you using the image tracing? Can you get the PDF in vector format? You can post the PDF so we can see?

If you draw a line in LB and put a speed and power on it and then run that, does it run the speed you have set?

you couldn’t have messed up that much these things don’t have that much going on. It ain’t like its a fanuc Oi with 18 axes anything.

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