Two lasers one computer

I am trying to run two lasers from one laptop a MAC. I have made two copies of the application and named one for each laser with the hope that I could have different preferences for each laser. For example one laser I have has a origin/home of back left, the other back right. It seems even though I have two copies of the application both share the same set of preferences. Is there anyway around this?

Each time I open the application I have to go in and set some basic machine preferences for each laser.

The other issue I am running into is when I open a design that was originally created for the laser with the origin on the back left and the origin is set to the back right it flips the design on the horizon axis. Gets to be a pain. I understand it has to flip the control when cutting but visually in the design part of lightburn it shouldn’t flip. I select everything and ctrl-h flip it back. This seems like a bug.

Just another comment, I have not setup a lightburn camera on the second laser yet. I have a feeling it will lose all my calibration settings on my first laser when I do. Can anyone confirm?

After reading your post I think you want to know about controlling 2 different types of lasers at the same time with one computer? Or it is really just a question of being able to have the 2 different profiles/configurations on one computer?

The main issue I am having is controlling two different lasers from the same laptop both lasers have different origin and bed sizes. I am making an assumption that those setting are in a shared preferences folder somewhere since changes in one copy of the application seem to get get made in the other copy of the application after closing and re-opening.

The origin and the bed size are stored with the machine device configurations. I have machine configurations for 3 different machines on one laptop and I move the laptop to each machine as I use them. That doesn’t work for you?

Yes I just figured it out from your response. I have to manually switch between device configurations in the laser window pane. Thanks for your help! I think this solved my problem I’ll have to test it out.

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