Two photos, one setting

Hello, I have imported 2 (or more) images, but can ONLY make one setting. Why am I not provided with a separate setting for each individual picture?
What if I want to make a different setting for each image?

Thanks and stay healthy !!!

Select another image and then click on another colour in the pallet below. That will create another layer and you can then adjust the individual settings for each layer. Hope that helps.


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With the type of image you are using in your example (line art / monochrome / symbols), you will have better control and results by vectorizing them (select your image; tools; trace image).

The reason is you have all images on the same black layer. If you select one image, then click a different color at the bottom, that will assign the selected image to that new color layer allowing you to change the setting for that layer as you’d like.

Thanks, I got it.
Thank you all, stay healthy

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