Two questions about Light Burn

Hello I am about to become a LB user but have a few questions about the program and will likely have a few more in the coming days.
Does the new version of Light Burn have the remove duplicate lines function active?

How would I hook up my rotary device in LB?

Yes, sort of - It’s not in the editor yet, but in the Optimization Settings, so it happens as the job is being prepped for the laser.

That would depend on what your rotary device is, and what controller you have. Your profile says you have a Bodor, so I’m assuming it’s a Ruida controller. In that case, go to Tools > Rotary Setup, and set the values there the same way you would set things up in RDWorks (assuming you’ve used it before).

If you have never set up the rotary, read here as a starting point:

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