Two versions of Lightburn?

Hi all
I am a teacher in an Australian school. A couple of years ago we got a 130W CO2 laser (Prytec PLS1060) and were advised to use EngraveLab software. The software edits and sends files to the laser cutter, which has a screen to open the file, set the origin and z axis, and start the cut/engrave.

In the meantime, I resurrected a Darkly Emblaser2 diode laser and got a Lightburn license for it. Lightburn is the Faaaaar superior software, but the version I have is not compatible with the CO2 laser.

My questions:
a) are there 2 types of Lightburn software, for different types of lasers and coding systems?
b) is there a version of Lightburn that will work on both types?
c) can I have the software installed on 3 seperate laptops? (I currently have it on 2 laptops, but I seem to recall this is the limit)

I’m a bit of a noob, but happy to clarify specs and details if required.
Many thanks

There’s fundamentally 1 version of the software. However, there are different parts of the software that you need to be licensed for to access.

You happen to be on one of the exceptions to that as I understand the edition of LIghtBurn used for Emblasers is unique to Darkly and has different terms. It’s apparently the only way to get LightBurn working on Emblasers. However, I do believe that you can add license types to that edition but may require manual ordering.

There is a DSP license, G-code license, and a recently added Galvo license. The DSP license includes G-code capability so covers both. I’m not certain that the Galvo license also includes G-code but I suspect it does based on the pricing model. Don’t rely on this information though if you’re interested in Galvo.

The normal LightBurn license includes activations on 2 computers. However, I’ve seen the LightBurn folks be very generous with adding a 3rd activation if requested.

I think the activation terms might be different for the Emblaser, however, but not certain.

If you have very specific needs your best bet is to reach out to

Great answer - many thanks!

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