TwoTrees TS2 Laser connect to DLC32 V2.1 Board

I have a ts2 laser but had a fault, i removed some cables on the board to locate the fault. but now i dont know where to connect the cable on the board. in the internet i can´t find the wiring of the ts2. can you help me i need a circuit diagram where to connect laser 10w, fan, z axis and z endstop.

the whole circuit diagram would be very useful. without cable label, like cable a and 1 will do it

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thanks a lot

but i know this page.

Problem is, the Laser is 2 wire, and i want to be sure that i wire up the laser in the right way. on the laser isnt labeled.

i only know the laser modul is from a twotree ts2. in this machine is a mks dlc32 v2.1

i can wire the laser to the spindle port, but is this original wiring? i don´t want to destroy the laser diode.

a picture of the board is probably enough, if i can see where the A and the 1 wire is connected to.

You will have to get a diagram or follow the original cables to get the pinout of the laser module.

Most are three wire and only require ground, ttl (pwm) and power. Generally ground is in the center and power/pwm is on each side, but there is no guarantee that’s how it’s wired.

It’s pretty clearly on the DLC32 board.

Did you google any numbers or id on the laser module?

Can you post what you have on it, maybe someone here knows…


i got this laser from someone who upgraded to a 20w laser. but this person doesnt have any knowledge of electronics, i asked for photos and where the laser is connected to, but nothing useful.
now i search the internet, wrote to twotrees and some usergroups

One Problem solved, another to go.

the driver board is missing.
But in the internet i can´t find this board and a other matching isn´t as easy as i thought.

Maybe someone have ia idea

thanks a lot


What did you fix and how?

If it’s a two wire laser, there probably isn’t a driver, per se…

The driver can be specific to the module, but most of the ones I’ve encountered are just a board to allow you to use a separate power supply for the laser module. Most people who upgrade, do so in order to use a higher power module, usually requiring more current than the controller can supply…

These two-wire modules have the power turned on an off by the controller… similar to the spindle mechanism… it usually completes the powers path to ground.

This is the schematic of the spindle and laser control from my grbl Woodpecker 3.1 control board that was in a CNC3018 type machine. Notice it just completes the ground to enable the laser…