TWOTREES TTS 55: Additional Limit switches, after homing the position is X:1 Y:1

Hello everyone, i’m doing practical with my new laser diode and learning also the powerful lightburn software.
Sorry if my question could seems simple for everybody.
I tried to read other threads, but i don’t find
I’ve installed the limit switches to make a homing on lower left corner of my machine. The homing seems go well, but i noticed if i click on get the position on LB, result at X:1 Y:1. It’s normal?

My expected would have been to read X:0 Y:0.

Thanks and regards all

I am no expert but this helped me Negative Coordinate Machine Setup

Thanks for your interest, but i’m not in negative coordinate. But could be an offset after homing, as an automation.
But i’m very newbi with GRBL firmware and LB to be sure, for this reason i’m asking a support.

Another my doubt, i have designed personally a dedicated supports to mount the limit switches, if my measurements are not correct, i can review them in order to reduce 1mm on their leinght.

BR again

Dear All, is there the possibility to start after the homing at X:0, Y:0 position.
Because now i have to reduce the workspace of 1 mm or more.
My next step, will be to creare a spoil board as a reference for my engravings, and I want to understand if with limit switches is normal that there is this reduction.


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