Typing degree symbol

Can’t seem to get the degree symbol to type out. Tried the Alt+ 248 and keep getting can’t find laser query error. Any suggestions? Thanks

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What’s your OS? windows?

I use Linux and can type unicode symbols in most programs, but not in Lightburn. I have to type them elsewhere then copy & paste to Lightburn if I want them. sigh…
No idea about other OS.

For Windows, I use alt-0176 to get ° and it generates the same symbol in Arial in LB. If you don’t get it in LB, it’s possible the font you’ve selected doesn’t support it.

Yeah, I have windows, and that’s exactly what I wound up doing, copy and paste! Thanks for responding!

OOO…I will try this next! Thank you!

Fantastic! This worked! Thank you so much!

Sigh. I wish that worked for Linux. I can type unicode characters here on the forum, but not in Lightburn. ©Ω𝞹°

For Ubuntu you need to type Ctrl+Shift+U followed by the 4 digit hex code point, then Space or Enter. Not sure about other flavors of Linux, or version levels.


I use this for my code point reference: ✔️ ❤️ ★ Unicode Character Table

So for the degree symbol it will be Ctrl+Shift+U 00B0 Enter.

Yes, that’s how I do it. Doesn’t work in LB, but works in all other programs I use. It works here… ±¿

Does it actually work for you in LB under Ubuntu? Perhaps it’s just a mint thing.

Yes, I tested it in LightBurn. Both directly when entering text and in the edit text shape box. Although I’ve run various Linux OSes in the past I’ve mostly stuck with Ubuntu. I only tested this out of curiosity, it’s not something I normally use. So this test was just for LB 0.9.22 and Ubuntu 20.04. Not sure what to suggest if it turns out to be a Mint thing.

Hmm. Must be a Mint thing.
It would be nice if it worked, but I’m used to working around it (copy & paste from some other application) for the few occasions I want it so it’s not a big deal.

Another way to do it is copy and pasting from the character map application that’s been built into Windows forever.

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