Typing '$' not possible in. command window

Not possible to type ‘$’ in console window when using Swedish keyboard layout.
It works in other dialogues but specifically not in the console window.
If I change keyboard layout to English or Danish I can type ‘$’. What can I do solve my problem?

LightBurn 1.6.00
MacOS 14.5


Hi Mats,
to type ‘$’ on both Swedish and danish keyboard layouts, it’s ‘Alt + 4’ right?
Are you saying, you can type it in other programs but not in the console of LightBurn?

Yes, I can type any character in the terminal except ‘$’, I can type ‘$’ in other fields in LightBurn and other programs but not in this specific terminal field.

Hi Mats

That is peculiar!

So if i got it correctly
IF in Sweedish Keyboard layout - $ is not possible to type in Console box, even though its on Keyboard correct?

If you change it to other languages you can.

Are there multiple Sweedish Layouts or just the one?

Yes, there is also an old Swedish layout in the system that is not used much, same problem. Also tested with a Norwegian layout and it works. The problem is specific to one single input field in LightBurn, any other input field in the program I can type ‘$’ in (where alpha characters are allowed).

Pretty strange,


Remind me - since I only use a mac mini with non-Apple keyboard, do you have to use the alt-key for the $ sign with the other layouts where it works as well?

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Strange indeed Mats

Let’s see what can be found!

Will report back!

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Yes, on the Swedish layout I use Alt-4. With keyboard layouts that has $ on an Alt-key it is not working. I can’t either type £ but other keys like ©@§| kan be input in that specific field.

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Ok so, looking into it - Alt-4 is a shortcut that gets caught by LightBurn - so does Alt-3, BTW: Hotkeys - LightBurn Documentation

I would suggest that if you need the $ input capability more than you need Print & Cut alignment settings, remap those to a different key combination?


Type the desired command in a text program, then copy and paste. Or copy/paste from a forum post.

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That can get old fast, though…

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It could, but in reality how frequently do you need this in a normal working environment? I haven’t had to input anything in my console window for months since getting everything dialed in.

Just trying to offer one possible solution to the problem of not being able to get $ on his keyboard. It might not even work with his keyboard language settings.

Did not think about hot keys settings. That’s the answer to the “strange” behavior on my keyboard. Thank you for clarify it!


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