U-Axis Fabric Feeding

Hi there. I’m working on a dual-head laser at the moment that has a large roller feed on the U-Axis.

X and Y are normal, but Z is actually a motorized 2nd head! That’s new to me.

Forgetting about Lightburn’s access to the Z-axis head, I’m trying to find out if the U axis is automated in any way. I see in the “Move” window I can rotate the ‘A’ axis manually, however I can’t seem to find and other kinds of connection to Lightburn. In a perfect world I could use the U-Axis to increase my Y-speed ability, however mostly I just want it to feed completely down so when I cut my next piece, it is a brand new section of fabric. Once further, if this could be automated so I can have the fabric drop into bins, that is the best-case-scenario!

Are any of these features in Lightburn?

Tools > Feeder setup.


These settings are not currently saved or restored with the project as the options are relatively new. That’s on the list to fill in.

I’m sure you hear it daily, but you’re the best! Exactly what I needed

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