U axis in rotary control set up window

When will the spare U-axis available on most ruida comtrollers be available for us to use in the rotary set up window.

Currently, we have XY and A as available options when we are setting up our rotary in Lightburn.

Even if I enable the U axis in the software, it still does not become available in the rotary set up window.

Currently running the latest LB as of May 2023.


The availability of the U axis for rotary use is dependent on your laser’s controller and the firmware version it’s running. If your laser supports using the U-axis for rotary, you keep it set to Y in LightBurn (that should be the only selectable option for most Ruida controllers), and the controller handles transferring the commands to the U axis.

What specific model is your controller, and what firmware is it running? You can check the firmware version by going to EditGet Controller Info.

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