UI Feature request, rightclick copy

I’ve restarted my lasering career, spending much more time on LB (what with zombie apocalypse outside) and being life long CorelDraw user i’m particular to one technique - rightclick copy/duplication.
I’ve been catching myself constantly “using” this corel trick in LB. It annoys me to no end that i cant use it LB :smiley:

Any chance to incorporate it into LB ?

To those who are not in the know - right click copy in corel is when while dragging an object you also rightclick to make a duplicate and drop it wherever you might need it, or at shift/ctrl constraint, or snap point.

I know there is ctrl+D. I also know LB is not trying to become corel, but this one thing is so ingrained in me that i want to have it in LB.

Please ??? Pretty please ?

#Edit# I’m playing in LB more and more, and would like to do more laser related work in LB, but absolutely have to rely on corel because it runs in my veins and turnarouns speed for a project is much faster. Yesterday tried out corel to LB inport macro and its glorious, but its so seamless i keep using corel techniques in LB and often times have to go back to corel as my work gets done there quicker…

Currently, a right-click brings up a context menu.

We do offer a way for our user community to make suggestions and feature requests. Please consider adding your idea using the following:

Right clicking WHILE you’re left-click dragging something.
Off to voting booth with me…

The one we have that’s closest is Ctrl+D (duplicate) which creates an in-place copy that you can drag from there into place.

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