UI really slow on higher resolution displays

Hi, I like to use lightburn, but the UI is really slow if usend on an external 5k display connected to my macbook. Slow like “i click a button and wait for 3 seconds, then the action happens”.

If I drag the app to the integrated screen of the macbook, the UI is snappy and normal to work with. No restart of the lightburn-app, just dragging it to the other screen.

I happen to have 2 MacBooks (2014 and 2018) and can recreate this behaviour on both.

I assume, that this has something to do with the screen-resolution. Is there some way to fix this? I really like my screen-estate :smiley:

It is NOT a lightburn issue. The issue is with your computers

I beg to differ. This behavior is only happening with lightburn, no other app I‘m using. Also, as soon as I lower the scaling on the 5k-screen, lightburn is snappy again.
It has to do something with the scaling/resolution. Google says, I‘m not alone :wink:

Edit: I should add, that while lightburn is slooooow, any other program on the same screen is happy reacting in normal speed. Even more complex programs like affinity designer, photoshop, outlook and finalcut. All together all at the same time on the same screen. But not lightburn. So, the PC is normal, just the app itself is sloooooow.

Are you using an extended display situation? I’m curious if the issue exists in all display configurations.

The screen is connected via displayport to a dock that is connected via USB-C to the Mac. I tried to connect the screen directly via USB-C to the mac with no difference.

Note, that the behavior is only happening with lightburn, no other app. Even if the other apps are on the same screen at the same time.

Activity protocol is reporting only minor usage on CPU/RAM/SSD during my tests.

If I reduce the size of the lightburn app on the 5k-screen, it is not as slow as if it is maxed, but still slow.

But under what mode are you running the display? Is it as an extended desktop, mirrored, only display? I’m wondering if that makes a difference.

Ok, I tested and can confirm, that I doesn’t make a difference. Extended or only, it is slow.

Edit: I tested again with mirrored screens, it is snappy. But that is because the source of the mirror is the smaller screen (obviously).

Okay interesting. That would imply that it’s the resolution or the interface that’s the problem. I haven’t heard of any reports of iMac users with 5K displays having the issue but that could just be an availability bias.

I’m curious if PC users with 5K displays are having issues.

I redid the test from before.

That would somewhat reduce the chance of it being an interface issue and indicate strictly a resolution issue but would be nice if someone else can confirm.

I’m assuming it’s not a bandwidth issue since other applications perform fine.

The issue is still ongoing.

Which version of LightBurn, and what version of MacOS are you running?

I am running Lightburn 1.3.01

on MacOS Ventura 13.0.1

I just figured, that in “only external display”-mode at native resolution of the screen, which is 3840x2160

lightburn is snappy and normal to use. No matter what size the window is, maxed or not, doesn’t matter, it is fast.

But the font and all is very tiny this way, so instead I like to use the “normal” setting, which is 3008x1692:

And as soon as I switch to this scaling, lightburn is slow again. Note, that lightburn is open and has a file loaded all the time in the background. I can switch between the resolutions and lightburn will switch between normal and slow.
BUT! If I resize the window to a smaller size, like half the screensize, it is faster. Not as snappy as it could be, but useable fast.

Sloooow in this size:

Not as slow in this size:

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