UI suggestion: allow move and edit with Create Rectangle and Create Ellipse

I’m in the middle of a LightBurn trial for our makerspace. Our members currently use LaserCAD and Corel software.

I have a suggested usability workflow change for creating rectangles and ellipses. I like the way LaserCAD and Corel allow X and Y dimension edits right after the object is created. And, I also like the ability to move the object right after creation without needing to click on the Select arrow (or press Esc).

Can this be configured in LightBurn?

If not, please consider this as a UX improvement.

Example below, from LaserCAD (Corel has the same behavior):
Green box shows the dimension edit box available after rectangle has been drawn
Blue box shows the move select icon allowing moves while still in rectangle create mode

thanks for listening !


This has been requested before - I’ll look to see if I can do it without causing any UI weirdness.

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I’ve just made this change for ellipse, rectangle, and polygon, and it seems to work fine. I’ll have it group tested, and it’ll be in the next release if all goes well.


Brilliant Oz - As one who has previously requested this I have been waiting (patiently) for this - it is the default behaviour in RD works and now that LB will have it makes LB even better than it already was! Thanks in advance.

Right on! thanks. This change will really help the workflow.