UI text is small its unreadable

Borrowed a new laptop for a quick job, installed LB trial - cant read anything on screen, text so small you’d need a loupe. Its a fancy Dell Precision 5510.

Tried (with difficulty) the button size slider in options, icons got bigger, but text stayed microscopic. Then tried whole environmental variable settings thing (2 options i i found), one of them made icons MASSIVE, but text stayed, you guessed it - microscopic.

Toolbar text, dialog text, radio button text - super small…

To answer your question - no, i’m not legally blind. :smiley: Running LB on another machine with 1080P screen and its fantastic…

So what gives ? Any way to fix this ?

If you have the icon size set normally, the environment variable scaling should work.

The scale factor types are listed here:

The problem is that you have a 15 inch monitor with 3840 pixels across - that’s tiny. You could also try increasing the standard Windows display scaling - right click, choose Display Settings, and scroll down to this:

Yes, this is just how it is.

My laptop has a 15" 4k screen. At 100% scaling things are tiny.

I use 175% scaling (the joys of good eyesight):

You might need 250%, as 175% is still small for most people.

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