Unable to auto detect NEJE MAX 4 device

I previously had NEJE MAX 3 and now I got NEJE MAX 4. When I try to create a new device in LB, it does not find it. I noted that If I connect using the old MAX 3, I can talk to MAX 4. I can move the laser. I created a new device manually for the MAX 4 with the correct dimension and this partially works. I have good control for the laser to cut files but when comes to engraving, the results are not consistent related to power and speed. I must be missing specific driver config file for the MAX 4. Questions: Why can’t I discover my MAX 4 automatically and is there a driver for MAX 4 I can upload in LB. GRBL 7.8.0. PS, NEJE app does recognises MAX 4 and yes I do ensure to set the Driver back to GRBL when I quit NEJE apps.

Can someone verify my settings and let me know what needs to be changed. Tks

Screenshot 2024-07-02 073620

Import the following Device by clickingh Devices on Lightburn Laser Window then Import.
Neje 4 Max.lbdev (3.0 KB)

Do some tests and come back with your conclusions.

Thanks, This resolved my initial problem. Thanks. I will can now proceed with further test. I will advise on my progress in a few weeks. Once again, thanks

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