Unable to connect to internet v0.9.07 linux x64


i just bought a license and started Lightburn. Got an error message saying “Failed to connect to the server due to network error”. What gives? And then the activation of course fail…

I have full connectivity to the internet…but somehow lightburn isn’t connecting. There’s no proxy…

I’ve tried on two different computers both running Debian stretch (9.11) 64-bit.

Any ideas?

We support a relatively limited number of Linux flavors. Ubuntu 16.04 is what LightBurn for Linux is developed on, and is the most stable.

@adammhaile - Which others have you verified at this point?

The main ones I verify are:
Ubuntu 16.04 and up
Fedora 28 and up

Linux Mint 19 should also work at this point but that’s only really been tested because a user had an issue with older Linux Mint.
No other distros are directly tested.

@agnon_mp I recommend manually installing libssl1.0 - the issue you are having is likely because LightBurn is built against a version that either is older than what you have available or you don’t have it at all.

Indeed, Debian stretch ships with openssl1.1 which Qt does not currently support it seems.

Installing libssl1.0-dev resolves the issue.

Thanks a bunch!

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