Unable to curve text

Hi all,
I am just getting started with Lightburn & downloaded the trial version as thats what the emblaser 2 at my university makerspace uses. Noticed the software was quite similar to what I’ve used before & watched the tutorial for curving text on a path. However when I select my text & circle the option the ‘apply path to text’ continues to be greyed out. Is this a trial version thing or am I possibly doing something wrong?

None of the features are limited in the trial.

I just tried this and didn’t have an issue. Selected the text, then the circle, and selected “Apply Path To Text”.

Did you create the text outside of LightBurn? Is the circle part of a group? If either of these are true, it wouldn’t work.

For some reason I’ve opened it up this morning & it works perfectly fine
Who knows what was wrong yesterday!

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