Unable to cut 3mm MDF getting error message on focus test upload

Using an Emblaser 2. Was able to cut black and red acrylic a while back (have not tried recently). Trying to cut 3mm MDF and not having any success. When I do the focus test, at the end I get an error message “LB upload failed error: failed to open file:/sd/focusdata.txt” so I’m not sure if the focus number I’m putting in is registering or I have a wrong setting. I have included screen shots of settings and error message. Thanks

That isn’t a result of you putting in an incorrect number - that’s Smoothieware (the firmware in the Emblaser 2) complaining that it wasn’t able to create the file on the SD card. I would contact Darkly Labs to see if there’s anything they know of that could cause this. It’s possible that the card is write protected, or there’s something else going on - I haven’t seen this error before.

Thanks, I’ll forward it to them.

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