Unable to Cut Shape using custom Shape

Hey there,

I wanted to use the “Cut Shape” Tool to remove the Brick Lines outside of my Shape for Quicker engraving, but it turns out that doesn´t work with my Custom Shape. Am I doing something wrong, or is the Cut Shape Tool not able to cut using Custom Shapes?

If so, is there a quicker solution than manually deleting all the Bricks?

cuttest.lbrn2 (28,8 KB)

The issue is that the cutting shape used by Cut Shapes must be a single, ungrouped, closed shape. The shapes you want to use for cutting are grouped together, and are not closed, meaning their start and end nodes are not the same (although they appear to be, going by eyeball alone).

What you’ll need to do is:

  • Ungroup (CTRL + U) all shapes on the red layer
  • Keep all the red shape selected, then go to “Edit” > “Close Path”
  • Select the bricks, followed by a single red shape, and use Cut Shapes (CTRL + Shift +C), then repeat the process for each red shape.

Oh well, I did the ungrouping part but haven´t noticed that my outline is not closed, is there a quick way to search for such things? (except looking really closely at the line)

The quickest way is usually to go to “Edit” > “Select open shapes”, but there are a handful of other options.

Here’s a video that delves a bit deeper into this subject:

Thanks for the quick response, I seem to have it figured out now, thanks again for helping me.

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