Unable to engrave text after modify

Hi, what happend here - I modify the text and now I cant not engraving it (fill)

Gabriel.lbrn (136.7 KB)

Select the text then ungroup it, select again and ‘Break apart’ ( Arrange Menu ) select yet again and use ‘Auto join selected shapes’ (Edit menu)
That should work, fingers crossed

It’s not working -don’t understand what’s wrong with this path!

Is this what you were after ?
Gabriel.lbrn (128.1 KB)

Yes, but what happend - how I can repair it in future?

Just do what I suggested in my post, that’s how I done it.

After I did what you suggest…this is my strange result - and it’s not joined

There must be something with your text, I use the same approach and 1 out of 5 attempts I also get this strange breakaway. But as I said the procedure:
cmd a
cmd u
alt b
cmd a
alt j
and finally change the layer type, it works 4 out of 5 times fine.

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Bring up the ‘Cuts & Layers’ window. Double click on the C00. Make sure the Mode is set to Line + Fill. If line is selected it will only do the letter outline. Turn off the other fills you have.