Unable to find Ortur laser master 2 firmware update?

not sure where i should post this, but I’m curious if i need to update the firmware on my laser master 2 and couldn’t find out how.
I’m using mac os.

Greetings Pay
a) NEVER do updates on MAC, filesystem is yet not compatible
b) when you connect your machine what version is reported, 1.37?
c) why you think you need to upgrade firmware?

I’ll have to check what version comes up when I connect my machine, where abouts can I find that information?
And I’m wanting to upgrade the firmware because the performance I’ve seen online seems better than what I have currently so I figured an update may fix that issue

When you connect the machine to Lightburn if you have “show all” toggled on your console, it should report the version number
Something as (words to effect and from memory)

Regarding performance issues, you would need to elaborate please so i can help

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