Unable to get software to work. Video tutorials not helpful

I am going to try and post here again.

I am VERY new to laser engraving. As in had it for a week and that’s it.
My MIL bought me this laser off AMAZON for Christmas.


There are no instructions on how to use the laser. Cannot seems to find any videos on how to use and play with this laser.

I got some of the basics figured out. Was able to get some stuff done on Laser GRBL.

However- I could burn two of the same images into an item without changing any settings and they come out different. Not as strong.

Someone’s suggested lightburn: downloaded the software.
Suprised there isn’t an setting you can choose that outlines everything the software does.
I can’t get it to burn.
If I use an “image” it will KIND of burn but not very strong, if I do what others have said and trace the image without changing any settings the laser moves super fast and there is no image at all.

I am trying here. I am trying to research and figure out as much as I can but everything is either from people experienced and are speaking in a different language or nothing is pertaining to my quesidon. I understand support doesn’t take “Calls” but I can’t figure out if this is a software issue or laser issue: there is nothing I can find that says how to make sure the lightburn settings are set up correctly, or how to use anything. I just want to be able to use my
Laser and the software before the 30 day free trial runs out so I can see if I’d even want to purchase it.

Keep in mind if you ask me questions like
“Diode, x axis, y axis etc” I’m
Probably going to be scratching my head. I understand the general terms so to speak but nothing in detail enough.
So if you respond I beg of you to please respond as if you are teaching someone that’s never touched a laser in their entire life.


Hi Shannon - The Amazon link you posted says it’s a 2500mw (2.5 watt) diode laser, using GRBL, so that’s a good start.

Can you rephrase that part? I’m not sure if you’re looking for documentation here, an overview, or a preview of the work you’re running. (We do have all of those, so I’m wondering where to point you)

There are a couple settings in the machine that might affect how well the output works. From what you’ve said about using ‘Image’ vs tracing it, you likely have your speed set too fast.

The default speed measurements in LightBurn are in mm/sec, which is good for faster CO2 lasers. For diodes (like yours) the machine is slower, so it’s more convenient to use mm/minute numbers. If you go to Edit > Settings, you can change that here:

In the upper-right window, called ‘Cuts’ is all the different colors in your design, and the settings applied to them. You can double-click there to see all the settings, but the basic speed, power, and interval values displayed at the bottom of the window when you select a color are enough for simple jobs.

For the laser you have, try using 3000 mm/minute with about 90% power as a starting point. From there, if it’s too dark you can run faster, or lower the power to make it lighter. If it’s too light, you can increase the power or run it slower to darken it.

If you need more time to figure things out, you can click the ‘Extend Trial’ button in the License page and follow the instructions - we can give you an extension.

If you aren’t sure what a button does, hover the mouse over it and it’ll usually tell you. If you want more help on a feature, point the mouse at something and press the F1 key - this will launch the webpage for the docs on that feature or window, and it works for a lot of things on the main display (not everything yet, but we’re getting there).

One last thing: Go to the window labeled ‘Console’ in LightBurn, and type $$ in the command line and press enter. Your controller will list all of the firmware settings in response. Copy the text it spits out and paste it into a reply here so we can have a look, just in case something is configured in a way that could cause issues for you.


I saw a Facebook post where you showed two results side by side - for LightBurn you’d just need to change the setting from Line to Fill in the cut list, like this:


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