Unable to load files had to reinstall laser

Started up lightburn today and got a notice that I needed to install my laser, I don’t have a exact shot of the popup but I did a search and reloaded my laser. Now when I try to load any file it will not show up. I get this from the console screen

Waiting for connection…
Waiting for connection…
[MODEL: Ortur Laser Master 2]
[OLF: 140]
[DATE:13:36:28 - Dec 31 2020]
Target buffer size found
Project loaded in 0 milliseconds

I have about 200 cups to laser and really really need to get this to working… All help is greatly appreciated!! <3

This is the actual file I’m trying to open. Digging in other files in my lightburn they’re opening…
union cup logo lg cup FINAL lg.lbrn (143.6 KB)

The file provided has issues, we need to investigate further. Do you use a drive sync, like DropBox, iCloud, etc., by chance. The reason,… we are wondering if maybe one of those is preventing access to the file as it’s saving or being renamed, but not clear at this point. Anything further / details you can share to help us reproduce here, welcome. :slight_smile:

Edit: How does this file display in LightBurn? Please share a screenshot of the entire screen of LightBurn when you can.

Thanks for your reply. No drive sync, dropbox, icloud etc, just saved directly onto a windows 10 main drive.

file info

however upon trying other files saved they’re working. A earlier version of this same file is working too so I’m adjusting it trying to get as close as possible to what I remember my finished product being… :frowning:

This one works…

union cup logo lg cup FINAL 8.5.2.lbrn (142.6 KB)

I am not understanding. The screenshot of LightBurn shows no shapes and no layers assigned, it appears to be an empty file. The new file does have shapes.

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