Unable to move the laser with the arrows

I used printing and cutting several times and then suddenly I couldn’t move the laser with the arrows. If I use user origin, the cutting is done without any problem. If I click the house in the center of the arrows, the laser returns to the initial position. But the arrows no longer allow the laser position. I don’t know how to fix it. Thank you for your help

Perhaps you inadvertently turned off Continuous jogging and have a very small Distance setting:

If that’s the case, then each press of the arrow buttons moves the laser head an invisible amount.

Thank you for this proposal, but it does not solve the problem.

Here is some additional information. First of all, when I use the Xtool software, I can move the laser. The problem is not with the laser, but with LightBurn.

The problem is not only about the movement of the laser withe arrows, but also about the position of the origin. It is impossible to get the coordinates of the laser (Get position) or to move to position. If I change the origin initially from the top left to the top right, the button with the house still positions the laser at the top left. This while on the screen the green dot has moved well.

Well, we’ve eliminated one possibility! :grin:

As you’ve got an Xtool laser, I’ll defer to other folks having more experience with its firmware peculiarities.

@JohnJohn should have better suggestions.

Yes, I am agree with that and it’s always good to help

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