Unable to open PDF files

Tried to open PDF files in Lightburn with Computer A (Lightburn Ver. 0.9.21 & MAC OS 11.2.3), but it just kept showing a progress icon and wouldn’t open.
Operation on Lightburn: Open > All supported file > Select the PDF

Able to open the PDF itself with Computer A.
An Adobe illustrator file (.ai) converted from the PDF was opened in Lightburn.
Tried with another one, Computer B (Lightburn Ver. 0.9.21 & MAC OS 11.2.3), it is able to open the PDF files.

What can I try to make the Computer A to open the PDF files?

Any help appreciated, thanks in advanced!

Here is the PDF file failed: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XMnSX8leC0-Hz_JXrPT9xwW6gJJqLS4f/view?usp=sharing

Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

This imported fine for me in 0.9.24.

I can import your provided PDF file into Lightburn 0.9.22. When I view the PDF file in Adobe Illustrator, the left black circle is a “stroke” and the right black circle is a “fill”.

Lightburn either fills both black circles or treats them as a line, depending on your “Mode” setting.

Not sure why your one computer cannot import it. When you look at the code in the PDF, it was generated with Skia, which is sponsored and managed by Google.

No issue here, LightBurn macOS version 9.24.

Thank you for your report!
Unfortunately, the environment is limited to use the spcific version, Lightburn Ver. 0.9.21 & MAC OS 11.2.3.
I need to use this environment to open the file above.

Would anyone try with these versions, please?

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