Unable to save GCODE (Laser Offline)

Hello! Newbie here, wondering if it’s true that I can save GCODE to my desktop to call up later…

I have my machine in my shop (down a hill and through some trees from the house) and it doesn’t have access to the internet, so I was hoping to create my projects at the house, save them on the desktop, then head to the shop and plug and play a few at a time.

I’ve connected my machine (FoxAlien LE-4040) before and it is saved the device as GRBL, which from my reading, is the only thing that should be required for it to work, although I may be mistaken. I’ve known to be mistaken often…

However when attempting to save the GCODE for a design I did called “Deer Coaster”, I get an error:

Lightburn was unable to write to ‘/Deer Coaster.gc’

Any insight here? I’m running iOS 11.2.3 and just re-downloaded Lightburn three days ago.

Thank you!

Hi, I load mine to a usb stick and works great.
Should just do the project on your laptop and take it to the laser, load and go or drag and drop.
It should be that easy…

Where is this location? Local drive, Network or Cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive? Can you access this location for other file work? Can you navigate to, view / read / or write to this location using other software such as the finder?

Nothing fancy being done on our end, LightBurn is writing a simple text file to the named file and location. Check that this location can be written to, and you have the correct permissions to commit the write.

I have no idea, I just went to save it for the first time and got this error. I tried using a USB like Kris1 suggested and that worked perfect. I just recently updated my OS to 11.2 and I’m not sure how old the current LB version is. Maybe Apple broke something? Wouldn’t be the first time haha. But it’s weird that it lets me save to a USB and not my HD…

USB worked!! Thank you, didn’t even cross my mind.

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