Unable to see all header information on iPad or Mobile in Portrait mode

I’ve noticed that after the revision I am unable to see my notification icon in Portrait mode.


OK in Horizontal


I think it’s because of all the new added links on top
Maybe sorter wording.

Cheers and thank you for this platform to communicate to other like minded individuals.

Cheers :beers:


Yes, this is the weird “in between” desktop and mobile. On mobile, I’ve specified only some of those links to show up. Here it’s going to cut off. I removed the word “Portal”, see if that helps. It’s still going to happen to someone though, with a smaller screen on something that isn’t a smartphone.

@raykholo Thank you :pray: I appreciate your awesome and prompt response.


What you’re seeing is a different thing I did afterwards, which was to hide certain items when scrolling. What do you see in portrait if you scroll all the way up?

I appreciate all of your hard work


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Not sure if there have been any recent adjustments to the Forum layout but I have been unable to see the header information again.

And now I’m getting an error message in my browser .

Any ideas why @raykholo

Thank you :pray:


Which “header information” are you referring to? What is it that you believe to be missing here that wasn’t before?

The avatar is outside of the screen resolution. That’s what I keep an eye on to see if I have any replies or messages pending. I believe that is as a result of the menu items that have been added.

This only happens in Vertical or Portrait Mode

Holding the tablet in Horizontal or Landscape Mode
Not a problem because their is more Width to the screen

@LightBurn you are a busy man this is small fry issue , I apologize if I took you away from new release related concerns. My request is bottom of the totem pole.

I appreciate you and your team.


Made some tweaks.

Nada has changed after

Vertical view

Horizon View YES