Unable to use number/arrows to jog

Using LightBurn ver 1.3.01. Windows 7, Shapeoko 3xl GRBL 1.1f. J Tech laser.
Can’t get number keypad on laptop or usb number pad to jog head. Num lock is on. If I turn on $J then software arrows are all wrong and number arrows still don’t work. What am I doing wrong here. I’ve set up the laser per the J tech video. Is the shapeoko not supported with the number keys?

Focus needs to be on the workspace for the shortcuts to work. Click onto the workspace and try again.

I tried that, no help.

Sorry. I misstated it. I believe the Move window needs focus for this to work. Make sure Numpad is on and click into the Move window and try.

Doesn’t matter what area has focus. And to prove the number/arrows are working they do work in carbide motion. Very frustrating!

Thanks for the help!.
I still can’t get it to work with number keys or arrow keys on the laptop or external 10key.
I’ve tried focus in the move window and the workspace area too. Still the same - only works with the mouse on the buttons.

Arrow keys definitely won’t work so you must be on the numeric keypad with numlock on. Not sure what could be causing the issue for you.

What language keyboard are you using? I’m curious if that might be a factor.

Can you confirm that the numeric keypad works correctly for numeric entry?

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