Unclosed paths on imported text files

This is a new one for me, I have not upgraded to 1.0 yet.
I am creating paths (basic text files) in another drawing program (PlasmaCam 3.11) because I have it and have used it for 10+ years. It does a great job of creating DXF files. They show as being closed paths with no gaps prior to export.
Now when I import files, If I try to fill them, LB reports many unclosed paths have been ignored (In fact all of the paths are ignored. When I zoom in, it shows many segments with gaps, each can be selected No amount of welding selected paths, closing selected paths or grouping has been successful to close the path so I can raster fill the letters,
What am I doing wrong?

In the ‘edit’ pull down

Close path

In order to Fill a shape with your laser, the shape must be a closed loop, where the starting and ending point are the same. If the start and end points are very close, but not quite connected, “Close Path” will move them together. Click on “Close path” in the Edit menu or press Alt+C

Auto join selected shapes

Looks at the start and end points of all the selected curves, and if any of them are close enough, connects them together into a single shape. Useful when importing DXF files, which don’t contain connectivity information. Click on “Auto join selected shapes” in the Edit menu or press Alt+J

Optimize Selected Shapes

Attempts to fit the selected shapes to arcs and lines within a specified error tolerance. Useful for reducing the point count in a shape, or recovering arcs from software that exports them as many small line segments.

From Lightburn ‘Menu’ documentation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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