Understanding Rotary Fields

I am trying to go through the rotary setup and understand the field and what is different from RDCAM and lightburn on my Boss

When I do a Read it says I have a Chuck, but I have a rotary. How do I fix this?

It looks like they both have Pulses per rev. 6800 in my case. U understand this. Stepper steps per 360 degrees.

They both have 35mm for diameter. RDCAM just says rotary Diameter and Lightburn as Roller diameter. What is this?

Then lightburn has the fields Object Diameter and Circumference. What are these for and how do I use them? Are these stored to the machine?

On RDCAM I have to Write all of the fields to make it switch modes from Rotary to “normal”, non rotary mode. How do I do it here?

The software can’t know whether you have a roller style or a chuck style rotary - you need to tell it that.

With a chuck rotary, the controller needs to know the steps per rotation and the diameter of the object being used so it can know how much surface distance around the object it will travel with each motor step. With a roller rotary, the roller diameter is used for this, and the object diameter is irrelevant, because the hardware is moving the rollers, which indirectly move the object.

Object Diameter and Circumference, if you’re using a roller setup, are just to help you figure out the length of the Y travel if you want a “full wrap”. That’s it. They aren’t stored in the controller.

In LightBurn you just click the Enable Rotary button off & on. It handles the read for you when you open the dialog, and writes when you click Ok to close it after making changes. If you click Cancel, nothing is written to the controller.

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