Undo (ctrl+Z) and changing speeds and power

Hello, I used to use RD Works, but now I like LightBurn very much. But there is one detail I can’t get used to: when I do “undo”, it is possible to only undo drawing related actions, and do not undo changes in power and speed of layers?

No, unfortunately not currently. The ‘Undo’ uses a record of the actions taken in sequence. There is no way to selectively choose ‘what’ and / or ‘what not’ to ‘Undo’ in that manner, although it has been suggested.

I will take your question as a :+1: for providing support for this? :wink:

Hi, would it be realistic to have a record of actions relating to power and speed as it relates to that job/that cut only.
If and only is a change is made to either power or speed, or both would a “revert” button ‘speed’ + separate ‘power’ be visible allowing the user to go back to the initial setting.

There we can ‘confirm’ or ‘enter new’


Something like this possibly

Mostly if we alter we can

We have our Feature Request site up again and I see two similar requests with a total of 6 votes.

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