Uneven cutting with circles

Hello, i am trying to cut a circle within a circle, and I am getting an uneven cut. I’ll post a photo when I figure out how to again… sorry, how do you post photos again?

Got it, here’s the photo

Also, I found out that when I do one pass, the pattern comes out perfect, but when I do multiple passes, the pattern gets skewed identically.

That looks like it’s slipping between cuts, as in losing motor steps. That would be because the acceleration or travel speed is too fast. It could also be just that you’re trying to cut too quickly. What was the speed setting you used?

Hi thanks for the response, I’ll have to double check. But, the ballpark answer is 2 passes at 550mm/min and I was at 100% powa. Ill take your suggestion into account, and slow it down, and bring the power down a bit too.

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