Uneven engraving on MDF wood box lids

I am getting very uneven engraving when working with an Ortur Laser Master 2.

Working on MDF photo box lids from Michael’s for some Whisky events.

Sometimes the laser duesn’t burn anything, and on the same pass it burns through the lid.

I have checked the level and it is squared up and true.


What is it that you are trying to burn? (show an example)
What settings are you using?

Speed 3300
Power 80%

20W laser module

How long have you owned it? Any idea of run time hours?

The diode is stopping firing, either from an electrical fault or because the diode is giving up the ghost after being overdriven.

I may have found the answer after much trial and error…

My theory is that a combination of factors were:

  1. Light colored wood reflected the laser
  2. Uneven heating up in the first portion.

I have divided the work into different layers, with different speeds and power settings.

Laser is relatively new. We got it in December.

Not sure of run time hours… how can I tell?

We are new to this whole world.

Well… at the risk of being labeled a heretic, there might be more art than science to this laser stuff…

Two runs of the same project, same exact settings, and allegedly the same material.


Yup - Diode lasers and light colored materials are “fun” that way. :slight_smile: