Uneven Fill- What causes this?

Hi, I am new to engraving and need your help. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have an LM Pro 2. The bottom of a rectangle is not straight and overburned. I have an air assist as well.

The wood fibers are not consistent density/moisture content. That will cause some variation in the burn color and depth. You can add a line sublayer to help smooth out the edge.

What direction was the scan? If the wood is smoldering after the laser has passed, turn down the power and/or turn up the speed. Keep trying different settings - half the fun is finding out what works best :wink:

Thank you Jim,

It is horizontal scan. Vertical scan is good. I slower the x and y acceleration speed but still show wavy line.

Try speeding the laser up and or turning the power down. It looks like you are getting post burn smolder.

If you need to reach deeper into the wood, you can set the laser to make a second pass to offset the difference from lower power and higher speed.

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