Uneven results on MDF

I just ran three runs of the same job, and I get very uneven results in the burn. (Notice the E logo on the attached pictures)

What am I doing wrong? What causes the laser to misfire?

I have an Ortur LaserMaster2 running on a MacBook Air.

Running job at 4000 mm/m at 70% power

Burning on MDF “wood” box lids.

Wood and MDF are two different things. Can’t say for sure, but it looks like you are engraving on a wood veneer. You will never get even finishes with light engraving on wood. It’s a density problem.

that looks like a physical problem with your diode timing.

Possibly it’s an electrical fault, but more likely an electronic one with an overheating diode or driver.

It’s not material-related at all. If you ran the same job on paper or wood or MDF, at the same speed settings, you will get the same result. The diode is cutting out.

You can see that the start of the burn is the same, it’s cutting out past the start point.

I’ll bow to Bo on that, never had to deal with a diode laser, but it does make sense to what I see in your pictures.


Does that mean I should change out the laser module?

Sorry for my ignorance.


I couldn’t say - it depends on what the problem is.

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