Unfilled Block Letters and Scripts

  1. How can we get Lightburn to raster these unfilled fonts? Lightburn wants to trace the outline of these like a vector. This takes too much time on a large project.

  2. The tutorial videos show a cut mode in the cut dialog box. We do not have that on our software. How do we change the settings to cut through vs just marking or rastering.

The terms were changed. Cut is now Line, and Scan is now Fill. Just change to “Fill” on the layer setting, and that will fill the lettering.

The only difference between a cut or a surface mark is the power and speed used. For surface marking you’d normally go quick with moderate to low power, and to cut through you’d go slower, with high power.

You haven’t specified what power machine you have, but Boss’ website has suggestions for power & speed settings for various materials here: https://www.bosslaser.com/laser-settings

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We need to raster a single line font (also single line images like a line drawing). Vectoring the lines takes too long. We were able to raster this image in RDWorks. Is there a way to do this in Lightburn?

This is provided in our documentation. :slight_smile: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/EngravingImages.md#engraving-raster-images

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