"ungroup" imported DXF file


I am trying to cut out a deck for an RC boat. I have designed the deck in Fusion 360 and exported it as DXF. I want to cut the inner hole and and mark where the glue the windows. See file below.

When selecting the window lines it also selects the hole lines. Is there any way to split these lines?

Select everything and Ctrl U

When you select any elements perhaps you know, but, if they are a group the moving lines that show what’s selected are a mix is tiny dots and lines. If it’s a sole, whole element, they are even sized lines.

I hope this was relevant and helps

So each element needs it’s own layer and designate the action you want there in the cut layer.

Mark the others as No Output

Hey Gary, thanks for the reply. That is my problem, I can’t ungroup them as they are not a group.

Have you tried the ‘break apart’ in the ‘arrange’ tab?
select the red and blue parts, ‘break apart’ then select the ‘blue’ part by going 'right to left, you don’t have to catch it all as long as you cross the lines of the parts you want it will select it all then ‘group’

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THIS! Thank you so much!

P.s don’t forget to group the red after :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t group the red, auto-join it (Alt+J).

Break apart works for this, but it would be simpler to use Edit Nodes, hover the mouse over each corner in turn and press “B” to break the shape at that node.

Hover the mouse over the Edit Nodes button and press F1 for help to see the keys to use.

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