Ungrouping images

It seems the simpler the question the less it is reviewed. Ian
M unable to “ungroup” some image bundles I have purchased. I have followed all the instruction unsuccessfully. I can’t even get the “ ungroup “ to highlight, so I am unable to select it. Very frustrating, I apparent am missing a step?? Need step by step instructions if possible. I hate wasting the money on images I can’t “ungroup”. Any help would be appreciated on this simple prose

I am having serious difficulty with “ungrouping”
I have followed all the instructions unsuccessfully. I can’t even get the “Ungroup” selection to light. Have tried everything. Help please. I hate wasting money on bundled images I purchase & can’t ungroup.
Step by step might help from outside help.

Can you send a small sample of your problem files?
My first thought is that the graphic you are trying to ungroup, it won’t work.

The most obvious cause might be that the images are not grouped in the first place, but are laid out in one sprawling collection.

Can you select small parts of the whole thing, without selecting everything at once?

If so, then it’s probably not grouped and you must carefully select the pieces you want before moving them elsewhere.

No I cannot select small portions How do I carefully select before they are moved?

I was thinking of a simple rectangle drag-to-select, but evidently that is not working.

Is it possible this is a raster image file, rather than a vector file?

What is the file extension? SVG BMP PNG DWG DXF?

Images (png, jpg, gif, …) cannot be ungrouped. You first have to trace the image and then you can ungroup and edit the result.