UNICHCNC LXF-30w and lightburn galvo support

I have the subject fiber laser and am wondering if I would be able to get the galvo function working properly. The laser has a laser mark control board v1 and I have been limited to using win32 32bit with ez-cad v2. I am thinking that the control board is to old to work with lightburn and I would need to update it. If upgrading is even possible

I would check out our 30-day Free Trial first, to ensure things will work with this setup. We have not tested with this unit directly, so your results would be of interest, if you are willing. :slight_smile:

Yeah. The laser is not showing up so i think I need to upgrade the v1 board. I found a board for 300 so it is worth trying out.

Upgraded board and imported the settings for Ezcad. Laser is discovered no problem and I can engrave. However everything is mirror imaged so I need to figure out the settings. At least I don’t need toe windows 7 32bit any more

Nice! You can flip the mirrors in device settings.

Yep. Took me a few min for it

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